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Wednesday,   June 20,   2018


2014-02-09,Thanks for your support and using LS-DYNA, Shanghai Hengstar will hold the 2014 LS-DYNA China Forum in Shanghai on 23rd May 2014. We would like to invite you and your group to attend this event. Shanghai Hengstar has successfully organized more than 25 LS-DYNA training courses during last four years such as “Crashworthiness Simulation with LS-DYNA”, “Restraint System Design with Using LS-DYNA”, “LS-DYNA MPP”, “Airbag Simulation with CPM”, “LS-OPT with LS-DYNA”, etc which are given by experts from LSTC USA, domestic OEMs, Germany, Japan, etc. These courses help CAE engineers to effectively use CAE tools such as LS-DYNA to improve car safety and quality, and therefore to enhance the capability of product design and innovation.

In this LS-DYNA China Forum, we will invite senior experts from domestic OEMs, LSTC, part suppliers, and Germany to give keynote lectures. These lectures cover the topics about car crashworthiness, restraint system design and simulation, LS-DYNA MPP, airbag simulation, material failure simulation technology, advanced computational methods and their applications etc. We hope that this forum can help CAE engineers in China to enhance the capability of CAE simulation and engineering applications.

We appreciate the support from LSTC, FEA information, VR&D, ESI-Group, Dynamore, and our customers, etc.


2013-06-01 Shanghai Hengstar (www.hengstar.com) expands its software portfolio with ESI's Visual-Environment applications to support LS-DYNA simulation (www.esi-group.com). Besides solver specific software sales, distribution and support activities, Shanghai Hengstar offers associated training and consulting services to the Chinese automotive market since April 1st, 2013. (www.feainformation.com, PDF link)

Shanghai Hengstar Technology sells and supports Visual-Crash DYNA, ESI's Visual-Environment application dedicated to support LS-DYNA simulation (www.lstc.com ). This solution provides the Chinese automotive industry a mature suite of tools embedded in a unique, powerful and expandable simulation environment designed and ready for future multidisciplinary CAE engineering needs.

Covering and supporting most efficiently the full range of CAE simulation tasks, Visual-Crash DYNA comprises an integrated meshing tool, extensive preprocessing features like model set-up, comprehensive and time saving model checks, assembly features, extended safety functionalities and comfortable post-processing possibilities such as plotting, curve creation, injury report generation. The availability of generic process templates completes the offer and ensures best in class support for any simulation task related to LS-DYNA crash & safety simulation.

Shanghai Hengstar Technology with its head office in Shanghai was founded in 2009 by Dr. Hongsheng Lu, who worked as a senior scientist at LSTC headquarter in Livermore, USA. Dr. Lu and his team, comprising 10 highly qualified and experienced engineers, have very detailed knowledge of LS-DYNA solver and are well established with the Chinese automotive industry. Besides software sales, Shanghai Hengstar provides engineering services, consulting and training that combine analysis and simulation using Finite Element Methods such as LS-DYNA.


2012-09-01, Large-scale analysis with more than 1 millions even 10 millions elements are currently conducted to achieve better accuracy in car crash simulation, metal forming, etc. LS-DYNA MPP becomes the most popular CAE tool to use in the large-scale analysis. Shanghai Hengstar Technology has successfully organized several seminars on LS-DYNA MPP given by Dr. Jason Wang from LSTC at Changchun and Shanghai on August 6-8. Several topics such as scalability and decomposition of MPP-DYNA, restart and pre-decomposition, load balance, numerical variation and consistency; cluster tuning and job administration; hybrid version of LS-DYNA MPP, etc have been covered and detailed discussed in the seminars. Engineers from OEMs, Suppliers, CAE consulting companies, Universities, Research Centers and Institutes attended the seminars. We would like to thank LSTC (http://www.lstc.com ) and FEA information (http://www.feainformation.com ) for their kind support and assistance in arranging these seminars, and Dr. Jason Wang from LSTC for his precious time and nice seminars.

As the excellence training center of LS-DYNA in China, Shanghai Hengstar Technology will continue to provide LS-DYNA training, technical support, and CAE consulting to our LS-DYNA users.


May 07 2018 13:16:51
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